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- Who in your family are you closest to?
— I would say my mom; I’m a mama’s boy.

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literaryoblivion asked: Also this one: (747): That's like.....u just dangled a sex carrot in front of me then took it away!


"Alright, be adorable, you," Derek hisses, and clears his throat. 

"Hey," he calls, gently nudging the door open. "There wasn’t anyone at the front desk, so…"

His new vet is leaning on the steel table in the middle of the pristine exam room, eating an apple and texting. When he looks up, there’s a sharp intake of breath, and his jaw drops.


Derek is used to that reaction. Dora was the cutest puppy in her litter, and people are constantly stopping him on the street, asking to pet her or take photos. He scritches her behind the ears as she yawns, smiling down despite himself.

"Gorgeous, right?" he says, quietly proud. She was a rescue from a home where the old lady who owned her mom died, and honestly, he’d only let himself get dragged to the shelter because Laura claimed the only way she was going to get over her break-up was by hanging out with a bunch of puppies.

Of course Derek had ended up bringing one home. Laura gets the benefit of having an adorable Boston Terrier-Frenchie mix and none of the expenses, or sacrifices to her shoe collection.

Derek is a chump.

"Yeah— wait, what?" the vet says, blinking at Derek, and okay, he’s totally here for Dora’s sake, he is, but his vet is kind of ridiculously hot.

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Ugh, sterek fluff and puppies…I had no chance